Why God Matters


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From the campus of Stanford University, and in union with the office for religious and spiritual life at Stanford, this is the ‘Why God Matters RadioShow and Podcast’ featuring one-on-one interviews with religious clergy of all faiths, philosophers and spiritual practitioners committed to mindfulness, gratitude, and a joy-filled existence of a life lived in God’s presence and light. Our radio show and podcast question’s and reflects on the mystery ofGod, and our understanding or even sometimes doubt. Our show illustrates and provides real life experiences of the vision of faith, engagement, and practice.And, at last the conversion of the heart that enables us to live in communion with the Ultimate Intelligence and Divine Love that reason or logic cannot penetrate, nor words express. Hosted by Tom Dioro and in union with the office for religious and spiritual life at Stanford University. The Why God Matters Radio Show + Podcast is recorded at KZSUStanford Studios and on location. The recording engineer and production manager is Aris Chechopoulos, chief engineer Mark Lawrence, and we are all assisted by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at StanfordUniversity. And the executive producer and host of ‘Why God Matters’ is Tom Dioro. If you wish to contact us our email address isinterviews@kzsu.stanford.edu again that’s interviews@kzsu.stanford.edu

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