House of Broken Dreams: The Jennifer Kesse Story


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She had everything going for her: A good job, close friends, a loving family, a boyfriend and a brand new condo. Her family describes her as a strong, fun loving, career-minded, and responsible young woman. So why did Jennifer Kesse seemingly vanish into thin air?

On the morning of Tuesday, January 24, 2006, Jennifer Kesse failed to show up for work at Central Florida Investments where she was a finance manager. Jennifer was known for her reliability, but on that winter morning 14 years ago, nobody heard from Jen. And that meant something was drastically wrong.

In this podcast, hosted by crime reporter Cristina Corbin, she travels to Florida to uncover new leads, exclusive interviews, and examine evidence in recently unsealed police records.

You’ll also hear from Jennifer’s family who call their home a “house of broken dreams” because they bought it with their son and daughter in mind—anticipating visits with their friends and ultimately their significant others.

Years later, the Jennifer Kesse case is anything but cold. In fact, the investigation, by some accounts, is only just beginning.d

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