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We all could use a dose of inspiration and insight in our daily lives, especially as we try to navigate these confusing times. The Rabbi E in 3 Podcast will deliver a powerful, safe and effective dose of "spiritual medicine," in a friendly and casual way! My name is Rabbi Yosef Edelstein ("Rabbi E" for short), and I have been a Jewish educator for many years....only coming to this completely unexpected career after growing up a Reform Jew in West Hartford, CT, going to Harvard (where I majored in English) and beginning my first steps on the long, high ladder to stand-up comedy stardom. (Did not get that far, but it was fun...and I had some good shows. Then I went to Israel, discovered a deeper connection to Judaism, studied in traditional yeshivot...and the rest is...!) I love sharing traditional Jewish teachings that are illuminating, practical, down to earth, and truly life-enhancing--whether or not you happen to be Jewish! (I also love parentheses a bit too much.) Short in duration--from 3 to 10 minutes or so--but I hope rich in content, Rabbi E in 3 will be a meaningful and enjoyable BURST of wisdom in your busy day. Please come check it out, and we'll have a great time learning together! You can be in touch with me at yosef.edelstein@gmail.com, or through Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/rabbi.edelstein, or Instagram: https://instagram.com/rabbiedelstein. You can also connect with me via MEOR DC, the organization I direct that brings Jewish inspiration to university campuses in DC: https://www.facebook.com/MEORDC and www.meordconline.org.

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