Patriot Crusader Mission


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Forging Christian Warriors on the Christian Warrior Talk podcast by sharing the life, advice, and opinions of Jason (Christian, husband, father, conservative, former-Atheist, former Navy SEAL and SWAT officer) and Lauren (Christian, wife, mother, conservative, former-Liberal, former-Atheist, and “girl next door”) and Special Guests as they bring much-needed training, experience, and clarity on how to be a Christian Warrior in today's dark world. Grow as a Christian leader in your home and community by learning how to bring Christ into your marriage, family, career, politics, preparedness, and all other aspects of your life to stand strong against the coming persecution of Christians who LOVE America. Lock Shields with us and together we’ll hold the line."Psalm 144:1 ESV- Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle." Are you a Christian who:- is tired of the complete lack of leadership from a majority of today’s weak and cowardly church?- wants to know how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community?- is tired of being beaten down for being a Warrior?- is wondering how to use your gifts and skills for GOD’s glory?- is called to protect the flock? - wants to know GOD’s plan for Christian Warriors?- want to learn how to responsibly prepare for all the coming storms?- is looking for fellowship, camaraderie, and support with like-minded Christian Warriors?- is looking for quality training and advice that is not only extremely effective but also BIBLICALLY sound? Lock Shields With Us And Together We Will Hold The Line!

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