Athletes: The Other Side


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Idols, heroes, icons. Today, we often forget that the modern-day sportsman is so much more than an athlete. Athletes have other lives - often many other career chapters away from the sporting field – just like the rest of us. To be an athlete is just one part of who they are. In Athletes: The Other Side, host and former head of Media Relations for the World Anti-Doping Agency, Ben Nichols explores the lives and achievements of athletes away from sport so that you can learn more about the stories of these multi-faceted figures. Whether it be how they make the daunting leap into the big, wide world when their competitive career is over or how they use their personal brand to give back to the sport that has offered them so much, Athletes: The Other Side addresses the paths sportsmen and women tread in those times when they are not competing in the sporting arena, so that you will leave inspired by what these extraordinary characters have achieved in their other lives.

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