The Better Postpartum Podcast - Fourth Trimester Tips for Crunchy Moms About Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, Bedsharing, Cosleeping, Babywearing, Cloth Diapers, Depression, New Mom Q&A, and More


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Angel Swon from the Better Postpartum Podcast is a crunchy Christian mom and Postpartum Doula who shares pro tips on natural postpartum care, breastfeeding, pumping, natural newborn care, newborn sleep schedules, bedsharing, cosleeping, babywearing, cloth diapers, postpartum meal planning, nurturing adult relationships after baby, and more! Brought to you by Postpartum Companion Doula Services. This podcast also features interviews with real moms who dish on what it means to be a postpartum mom during those first 40 days after the birth of your baby and share tips on how to get through it all. You'll walk away from this podcast feeling like you’re hanging out with your best friends, sipping on a cup of coffee, having real talk about what it's actually like to be a mom with a newborn baby! Get ready to feel supported, reassured, and confident in your new motherhood journey. P.S. I'm currently accepting new clients! If you are pregnant or recently had a baby, I can help you THRIVE during the fourth trimester with my virtual postpartum support packages. Ask me any and all questions with daily chat support and voice messaging, weekly video calls, and online classes to learn about newborn care, breastfeeding, and more. CLICK HERE to WORK WITH ME New to the world of postpartum doula support? I can help with all things postpartum & baby: natural postpartum care, natural newborn care, breastfeeding, pumping, newborn sleep schedules, feeding schedules, bedsharing, cosleeping, babywearing, cloth diapers, postpartum meal planning and meal prep, nurturing social relationships after baby and more!

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