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PTPOP - A Mind Revolution-Leading you out of the rabbit hole one grain of truth at a time-A production of Peter Tompkins Productions LLC & Skating Bear StudiosMy YouTube channel ESCAPING SOCIETIES BRAINWASHING.Do you question what the media tells you?Do you wonder why the world seems so crazy?Does it seem that nothing makes sense anymore?Let me lead you out of the rabbit hole one grain of truth at a time.To support my show please make a donation to my Patreon account To purchase equipment I use to record my podcast click on the links belowMicrophonesRode K2 Microphone PSA1 Studio Arm Pop Filter

On the Statue of Liberty it is written, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” That inscription brought hope to millions of immigrants making their way to our shores. Corporate America has hijacked a new generation of our resident "tired, poor and huddle masses"forcing upon them the illusion of the American Dream. Through the lies of consumerism we have been led into a life of obesity, poverty, and fear. THEY have taken control over our country and our government.

THEY are just like magicians. They put on a magic show that dazzles everyone with the sleight of hand.

Join me as I discuss how to start a revolution and take back our country without firing a single shot. My podcasts will discuss how THEY have taken over our country, our freedoms and our minds. I will discuss techniques you can apply to your every day life to free yourself from bondage. My approach is to expose the secrets to the magicians tricks. Once you are aware of the techniques they use to manipulate, seduce and confuse you you will no longer be dazzled by the magicians sleight of hand. We'll work together on our journey into a Mind Revolution.

If you can change your mind you can change your life. All we have is each other.

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