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* Real people * Real stories * Real experience * Hosted by Kris Barrett and Sally Thibault of Autism Parent Training. Ever wished you could talk to somebody who has been through what you are going through and done it successfully?Ever wished you had a crystal ball to see how it will all turn out?Kris Barrett and Sally Thibault are no strangers to the field of parenting a child living with autism. Often called warrior Mums, they have, through sheer tenacity, broken down barriers, challenged traditional thinking and supported their ASD sons from diagnosis to graduation and everything in between.They are both now respected authors, coaches, and experts in their chosen fieldsBut more importantly, they have lived the path you are now on. They know what if feels like to deal with the judgement of others, bullying, school refusal, exclusion, picky eating, high anxiety and stress. All this while trying to maintain some sense of normality in this crazy autism parenting experience.The outcome? They have raised confident, happy, successful sons living with autism. And at the same time, managed to maintain loving marriages while raising successful neurotypical daughters.

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