Monday Morning Mindset Shift


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Welcome to the Monday Morning Mindset Shift, where I set you up for success going into the week by shifting your mindset. I share everything I've learned about mental health, self-development, productivity, mental toughness, and mindset so you can be the best version of yourself every single day.

Having struggled with an eating disorder, anxiety, Daddy issues, mommy issues, and everything in between, I feel empowered and strong enough to help people who are going through the same things. Give me 5-7 minutes on a Monday morning, and I’ll give you something thought-provoking and eye-opening to start your week. I want to give you bite-sized pieces of education, entertainment, and motivation to consume in order to make you feel invincible and bulletproof for the rest of your week!

This show is for anyone who's even struggled with self-esteem and self-worth, and KNOWS that they can do, be, and have more. This is for those committed to being the best version of themselves, leveling up, and winning at life. Hit subscribe, share with your friends, and let's eat the world for breakfast.

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