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Are you a nerd? Then this is the show for you! 'Nerds' can be understood to be a derogatory term, but this show is about giving a voice to those of us who are proudly 'nerdy'. 'Nauti Nerds' is a podcast for business and marketing geeks to learn and share. As a business owner or a keen marketing enthusiast it can feel lonely, especially when everyone in your space seems to be an extrovert and expert at 'attention' grabbing. This show is about taking a break from that for a moment. We want to bring everyone on the same level, regardless of their experience or success level. Whether experts or novices, we all have stories or success and learning moments. So, if you're in business and have an interest in marketing, it's time to stop feeling lonely! Time to hang out with a like-minded community, who, just like us, love to embrace the inner nerd! The Nauti Nerds is a Nautilus Marketing podcast.

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