My Story, His Music


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My Story, His Music features inspiring thoughts and stories from a currently little known but passionate woman named Mary Ann Young. She was born and raised in the hills of East Tennessee and resided over two decades in California. Most would agree that Mary Ann has a unique perspective due to where she has lived over the years.

In this podcast, Mary Ann is excited to share golden nuggets of wisdom from over four decades of being a born-again Christian. Stories drawn from moments of victory as well as times of intense struggles. Perhaps you are one who will be able to relate to Mary Ann’s life.

Another area of focus is Mary Ann Young’s inspirational music. Many of her songs created through glorious triumph as well as painful struggles. Interested listeners during select episodes receive a special glimpse into the “story behind the song.”

Those with a heart for the weak and the helpless gain special insight as well. Listeners obtain unique wisdom from Mary Ann, who for years worked passionately alongside individuals known as the “outcasts of this world.” Many of these people struggled with substance abuse issues and some continue to struggle to this day.

Lastly, select episodes present brutally honest stories from one of Mary Ann’s greatest challenges – loving a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Moments shared where you just might need to get that tissue ready. However, a good old-fashioned belly laugh is not to be ruled out from time to time.

“I am not driven by the desire to be famous. If I live my life experiencing the joy of having a few TRUE friends, then I will have lived a very rich life. My goal is to live a life void of mediocrity. May I press on toward a higher mark. I want to leave a legacy that will endure for generations... I want my life to count for something that is bigger than me.” ~Mary Ann Young

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