The Humbled Soul


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Hello Friends and welcome to The Humbled Soul Podcast. I am so thrilled that the angelic realms and universe have brought you here! I’m reaching out to you, my fellow empath, the highly sensitive soul, the intuitive to, join me, Amy Blackhurst as spirit and I guide you to activate and trust in your intuitive abilities, truth, and self-love. In my eyes (and in spirits’ eyes), all people have the power to improve upon their journeys and to live a joyful and purposeful life no matter how hard their journey or situation may seem. Intention is everything from healing, to love and abundance. Be ready for deep, informative and fun channeled spirit insight, impactful conversations, interviews and workshops Leading you, the Highly sensitive empathic soul to anchor into your truth while releasing outdated beliefs of self and surrendering the need of “people pleasing”. Learn to utilize positive and loving techniques as we maneuver through those anxiety driven “fear pockets” that can continue to hold us back from joy and ease. Are you ready to learn about, You? And begin to embrace your unique gifts, while owning your self-worth and purpose? This is it… if you are listening then perhaps it is time to begin the journey to opening to your empathic, intuitive highway because you are deserving and you are the perfect example of a Humbled Soul. IG: @thehumbled_soul

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