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Marriage isn‘t always easy but for the last 21 years, my wife and I came back home everyday and we‘re grateful for it! Can love really last a lifetime? Is our marriage really over? What am I suppose to actually do to keep our flame ignited? How can I focus on my couple when my kids make me go crazy? Get some thoughtful answers by following The Married & Grateful Podcast, your insider’s look into modern and traditional relationships that my best friend calls one of the ‘Top 10 podcasts about happy marriages’. Listen in as Mohamed dig into why some rare couples seem to have it all when the vast majority seem to struggle the way they do. Let‘s find out answers from real couples and experts about everything from emotional needs unmet to complete sex anemia, from sticky marital issues to divorce-proofing a relationship and from barely enjoying each other‘s company to creating and strengthening a lifelong friendship with your chosen one. Whether you’re looking to save your marriage or enrich your relationship, tune in every Wednesday and Saturday to challenge the way you view your couple and ultimately your happiness in the most important partnership you‘ll ever have. Follow our podcast @marriedandgrateful on IG

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