Trafalgar Squared


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Trafalgar Squared is an exploration and examination of naval warfare during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. It was a time when the British Navy reached heights of brilliance unparalleled anywhere in the world under leaders like Admiral Nelson. The two powers, Great Britain and France, engaged in a near existential struggle for dominion of the world's oceans, generating a million colourful stories of heroism, fortitude, and exertion as they grappled with that ultimate tester of the human spirit - the sea. Now, from a distance of two hundred years and more - we can enjoy these stories as parables and metaphors - tales that reveal eternal truths about the human spirit, about cruel fate and how, for some, the glittering prizes are won, but often at a cost.

Trafalgar Squared is number 2 in the list of best French Revolutionary podcasts

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