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Host and creator David Montez has a decade's worth of public safety experience including criminal justice education, patrol and 911 dispatching. His dream was to be a police officer and protector since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but chronic conditions have now rendered him disabled, jobless, and finding a new mission in life. Having lived through several points of trauma, pain, stress and suffering, he now has something to share with anyone willing to listen. The victim mentality has no place here. Now is the time to take ownership, now is the time to instill discipline, now is the time to discover purpose through loss and through illness, so that we may become something more than we could have ever imagined. This fight for life will be everlasting, grueling and difficult, but the wolf cannot survive without the pack. Chronic Victory Podcast was created for that very reason, to provide support, share experiences and ideas, learn and become our best selves. A MESSAGE FROM DAVID: Welcome warriors, now is the time we find purpose. Chronic Victory Podcast is about continuing to win in your daily life, despite the chronic ailments you have. It's about remaining undefeated when things are bad. There's something here for everybody, hence the Chronic Victory Podcast motto "take with you what you can use, leave the rest behind". All that wish to become better, stronger and healthier are welcome, specifically those that have chronic conditions and pain. If you're a driven individual that chooses to fight back against your condition, please tune in and join me on our newfound path. My mission is simple: To keep you in the fight. Part of all this means building a community. A community of driven people who want to be their best selves, warriors of pain who have chosen the rough and unpaved path to achieve happiness, fulfillment and victory in the life we have left. So get ready to fight for your life, the things you love and the things you want to achieve. There's just one thing you need to know before hanging out with me; here at Chronic Victory Podcast, WE DO NOT QUIT.

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