Delusional: Wisdom From The Other Side of Breaking Free


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Did you know the black sheep of the family is usually the only sane one? πŸ€” Most of us are caught up in invisible webs, surrounded by people trying to convince us we're free. That is, until we try to act free. 😠 During the COVID-19 lockdown, l either had a spiritual awakening or lost my mind. (I suppose that's up to whoever writes the history.) All I know is the world looks damn different to me now and I have a lot to say about it. 😎 I will be sharing my revelations here on this podcast, what I consider to be "the emergency drain for my brain." Be warned, I'm not doing this for money, for attention, for you, or for anyone else - I'm doing it so my heart doesn't explode - so I'm unlikely to be swayed by any complaint. Stay tuned and enjoy the show! 😁 Delusional is able to remain honest and free thanks to the support of listeners like you who don't think I have to fabricate scarcity by putting my content behind a paywall for it to be valuable. If you’re feeling abundant today, grab your wallet and do the thing at and help me keep the dream alive.

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