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Working Mothers (married & single) manage so much throughout any given day. Daily Mom Grinds is here to support every busy Working Mother especially when life seems tough and hard to manage. Our aim is to share stories of Mothers who are overcoming the rough days which in turn inspires us all. We aim to encourage you on those rough days and shine with you on the sunny days. Wondering if our show is right for you? If you work, attend school, run a business, work a 9 to 5, raise a child and sometimes feel overwhelmed and tired? Looking for tips to manage the family, work and your new side hustle? Feel like there is simply not enough time in your day? If you answered yes to any of the questions, this is your show! If we are honest, the idea of work, life and balance can feel like a strange joke, especially in 2021. We embrace the work-life-balance issues with realistic tips and views. We bring issues that working mothers face and tackle them head on. Subjects like: safety and our children, self encouragement, handling setbacks, side hustles, divorce/separation are just a few issues we may touch on. We believe that with faith, encouragement and building community amongst working mothers we can overcome adversities and accomplish our goals. Our reminder to the working mom of 2021 and beyond, ” You are amazing”, and every day you rise.. to balance yourself and family you shine! Keep pushing and keep on believing all things are possible with faith! We hope you enjoy the Daily Mom Grinds Podcast!

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