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SAGE: Synergetic Age, A New World Religion, founded by Christina Herlofson is inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking. This experiential-experimental process is a predominantly metaphysical objective. Typically, I write a referential essay, record it, publish it. Now this will be to my Apple Podcast Channel. I also include songs I have improvised to professionally prerecorded sound tracks for song writers such as My-Co-Writer. Occasionally, I write brief scripts and perform as skits to add variety for my viewing audience. Our humanity is in an evolution process and must pay heed, reminding us that everything comes to pass not to stay. For me this also applies to religion, which may seem to be written in stone. But alas, as all that is in Universe, it must evolve along with everything else on Earth. A new world religion ought to include consciousness evolution’s metaphysical intellect because it is a function of Universe. Fortunately we do have the most comprehensive generalization in Synergetics to which our conceptuality of eternally regenerative Universe can refer. It reads “U=MP,” where M is Metaphysical and P is Physical, so M times P = Universe (Synergetics 162.00). anthropologists recently identified us, our species, as ‘humans of a mind.’ We are an evolution species. Logically, we ought to know how to refer our mind’s conceptual functioning, which is metaphysical. My experience of Synergetics integrally and intuitively coincide with my writing, recording, publishing efforts. It is hoping to inform our humanity of these evolution alternative options to all that has limited us and indirectly confuses us. Our limitations and confusion concern freedom that by degree is conceptual referential to vectorial geometry and the insights and outlooks of this anticipatory design science project.

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