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Located in Jacksonville, FL (Duval County) host Sheena Daimler is the owner of the barbershop, Jaxson Groomed and Realtor with She interviews other business owners and professionals to inspire others to follow their dreams in a happy hour setting, where she encourages guests to have a few sips of their favorite (alcoholic preferred) beverage. Daimler, known to many as "Boss Lady", allows her comedic flare and dynamic alpha personality to shine in these interviews. Willing to take on all topics, this no holds barred podcast is bound to make you experience a rollercoaster of emotions.Also known for being an outspoken single mother in the area with a large facebook following, Daimler shines the light on some hilarious parenting, coparenting and dating mishaps. She is open with her own personal struggles and victories as well in hopes of inspiring others to heal, grow and follow their dreams. Fresh, entertaining, funny but also inspiring and thought provoking Daddy Chill Duval is must listen.

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