Divorce Right: HR Solutions For Divorce In The Workplace


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Welcome to Divorce Right: HR Solutions For Divorce In The Workplace with your host, Vicky Townsend. Welcome to the show for HR directors, managers, and department heads looking for solutions for their divorcing employees. Divorce is the second-highest life stressor coming in just slightly behind the death of a loved one. From presenteeism to absenteeism and everything in between, divorcing employees cost our country billions of dollars each year in lost productivity. In this show, you’ll learn how to help your employees in this very challenging life event. So join us every Monday, where we dive into the state-of-the-art techniques, tips, and real-world solutions for divorcing employees in the workplace. You’ll meet thought leaders from the divorce and the human resources industries from across the country. You’ll hear from industry giants in the field of mental health, legal matters, finance, issues with children, and so much more to help you help your employee through this incredibly challenging life event. So put it on your calendar and learn how to make this process a better one for your team.

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