Cynthia Garrett’s Girl Club


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Do you need to hear from women going through issues you face daily?
Cynthia Garrett’s Girl Club is a gathering of REAL GIRLS - like you - having REAL TALK about REAL ISSUES while figuring out how to walk in REAL FAITH.
Join Cynthia Garrett, Christina Reynolds, Nova Page, Christina Boudreau, plus special guests, as they take on any and every issue – personal, cultural and spiritual.
No topic is off-limits. Nothing is sugar-coated. Cynthia provides a safe and open environment for listeners to keep it real – about their own issues and struggles dealing with everything happening in our culture today, from the shortcomings of “the Church” to “sex, dating, and Roe V Wade.”
The goal? To find God’s POV in everything and equip you to respond with the right expression of faith.

60 episodes