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Silver Falls 3DS review


I enjoyed but did not love the 3D aspect of Silver Falls:

Three Down Stars.

The 3D does look nice, but it has some caveats. Silver Falls

plays identically when playing the game in either 3D or 2D, therefore you will

not get any noteworthy change in performance by playing the game in 3D or 2D. Silver

Falls is a third person action / horror game and the camera sits behind the controllable

character but it can be easily moved with the C-stick. The game has a nice

amount of 3D depth. The camera viewpoint moves with the player and it

compliments the 3D as things appear closer/ farther away. The issue is with

fog. The game extensively uses fog in its various outside environments and this

fog really hampers to amount of depth that can be shown. Various enemies or environmental

elements may pop out of the screen depending on where you point the adjustable

camera. The 3D aspect never wowed me but I did enjoy it.

Verdict : Good 3D


Silver Falls is one very ambitious video game. The premise is captivating, you are investigating a town that has been frozen in time. Mutated animals are attacking you and UFO’s have been sighted within the area. To figure out what is going on you must play the game.

Silver Falls is a third person action horror game. In some ways it resembles both the Resident Evil and Silent Hill game franchises. To advance in the game you must solve some basic puzzles and survive the occasional mutated animal attack. You play as different characters in this game and explore the town of Silver falls. The game plays from a third person perspective and makes full use of the controls of the NEW 3DS hardware. The game is very atmospheric and is more slower paced than I expected it to be. The story elements are intriguing and got me hooked to see what happens next. The game successful scared me a few times as I played it. The core elements of this game are solid but it has many glitches and problems that prevent it from achieving greatness.

The game released about two months ago but I still haven’t been able to complete the game. Usually I like to beat the game (if possible) before reviewing it but on this occasion that isn’t achievable. The game has been patched but but the game breaking glitches prevent me from advancing. In my experience with this game I encountered many noteworthy glitches and technical problems. I had many game crashes that caused me to restart from my last save point. Many times my character escaped the bounds of the environment and become stuck. One area allowed me to walk through a building. Many of these issues have been rectified but not all . An invisible wall currently prevents my player to advance from one area to another. Many of issues are known and the developer has acknowledged and taken responsibility for the issues but the issues still prevents me from advancing and these glitches have caused me frustration. I don’t entirely blame the developer because Nintendo has basically stopped supporting the 3DS and makes it difficult to quickly update and patch games. Regardless of who is at fault it is very difficult to recommend this game in its current state .

Outside of the glitches I still had many issues with this game. One issue is the simple nature of the game world being too huge. This map is mostly empty and the environments look fairly similar so it becomes a chore to explore. Another issue I had was with the in game puzzles and the advancement of the story. On many occasions I simply had no idea what to do or where to go. The game has many cryptic puzzles. I don’t need to be spoon feed where to go and what to do but I was often wondering around aimlessly without a clue to what to do. The story is presented in many different aspects with different characters and how the game transitions from character to character can be very jarring. Another issue I found was with the lack of a formal tutorial. At one point the game teaches you some basic controls but this feels too late and they don’t teach you everything. Another rather annoying aspect is the simple fact that some guns can’t be reloaded. Even if you have extra ammo the game won’t let you use it unless you are playing as a specific character. Camera controls are also a big issue for me. The game does give you full control over the games in game camera but you need to go back to the menu and reload the game before you can test it out. Most games allow you to tweak camera controls on the fly and allow the player feel the difference without exiting the game but not in this game. It’s very tedious to go back to the main menu and adjust the settings and reload the game . This is simply too many steps and takes too much time for something as critical as camera controls. Yet another issue I had was with the lack of a mini map. With the environments being so big it would very helpful to the player to have a mini map. To keep the suspense it could have been a simple one that just fills in as you explore but many times I was lost and I desperately wanted a map to help me know where I was in the specific area. Fog is another issue I had with the game it is ever present and is annoying to try to see where to go to next. The enemies that I have encountered seem to randomly appear and they don’t have enough variety.

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