Episode 8 - Lucas Lepri - The Champ


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This episode‘s guest is a good friend of 4STRIPES, who just so happens to be one of the most accomplished and decorated jiu-jitsu athletes of all time. Lucas Lepri is a 9-time black belt World Champion who has won almost every major jiu-jitsu tournament in the world, and is broadly considered the greatest lightweight competitor of his era. To list just a few of his accomplishments: In 2014, Lucas won every major tournament he entered, including winning the World title again in one of the most dominant performances ever. In 2016, he achieved gold again at the 2016 World Championships in a performance universally described as “flawless”. Finally, in 2019 Lucas won his 6th World title with another perfect run, with no points scored on him by anyone, in the most stacked division in the sport. We talk about Lucas’s upbringing in Brazil, his first few years moving as an instructor to New York City, through to the creation of his own academy. We dive deep into his competitive mindset, his regime during training camps and the road to this year’s ADCC. Lucas shares what, if anything, about his approach has changed with time and age, his views on the state of jiu-jitsu today, and finally, how he thinks about his legacy in the sport and art.

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