“The Last Blockbuster” | A preview of the death of retail? w/Dean Saddoris of Caffeine and Kilos


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The fifth show of any month could literally be about anything. This time it’s a documentary review with our buddy Dean Saddoris. Think of it as meathead movie nerds looking for lessons for our own lives in popular media.

The hot Netflix documentary “The Last Blockbuster” is a humorous – and quirky – look at the fall of a business that was a huge cultural institution. Could the business cycle of a retail category like video rental stores foretell what effects technological advancements, changes in consumer taste, and well…greed can have on other brick and mortar retail? Even those in the fitness industry? We talk about our experiences with having to actually leave our houses to get movies, and the characters and structure of this super low-budget doc about the Bend, Oregon movie rental store that’s the very last of the chain.

Some of our questions:

  • What personality traits do you need if you’re going to fight an uphill battle to keep a business alive?
  • Could Blockbuster really have bought Netflix, and did Netflix really kill it?
  • Are we supposed to know who all the people featured in the movie are?
  • Would a Blockbuster first date have been the perfect first date?
  • Why didn’t this doc talk about game rentals, too?

You can find Dean on Instagram @deansaddoris.ck and at Caffeineandkilos.com

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