144. God’s Words To You Today, Lovely Lady // An Uplifting Meditation with Karen Cruess


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Karen Cruess is hosting today’s Walking Through Scripture series. She graciously agreed to share a meditation from a module inside her digital course, Rewriting Your Story with God. I’ve gone through the whole course and it’s incredible! To connect with Karen, here are some links below. :) Check out her digital course - https://twoheartsforher.newzenler.com/courses/rewriting-your-story-with-god - Listen to the Heal, Equip, and Release podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/heal-equip-and-release-podcast-women-set-free/id1500798386?i=1000508381008 - Connect with Karen and her co-host Jenny on Instagram - www.Instagram.com/jenny_uebbing - To connect with me (your host, Stephanie), become email besties by going to bit.ly/monthlyhappymail + get a monthly devotional and encouragement for your day. You can also email me directly at 500secondstojoy@gmail.com and visit my website at https://500secondstojoy.wixsite.com/joyfulsteph for allllll the goodies. Thanks for tuning in today + I can’t wait to chat with you again soon! PS: if you loved what you heard, consider subscribing and then rating + reviewing the podcast. Thank you! May your day be blessed + may you find joy in the Lord today and always. Xoxo Steph

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