153. Find Peace in the Mayhem of Motherhood: 8 tips to live more intentionally w/ Marielle Melling


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Ready to live with more intention and peace, sweet mama? Yep, me too! My guest today is an author and mom to 5! Marielle M. Melling wrote the book, “Peace Amidst the Mayhem: You Can Be Calm, Confident, and Compassionate in Any Circumstance”. In this quick tips episode, Marielle is sharing 8 tips for replacing busyness with intentionality. So often we have things get in the way of peace in our lives and Marielle is here to give us some practical and inspiring advice. To connect with Marielle after this, visit her website at www.lovinlifewithlittles.com or hang out with her on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/lovinlifewithlittles - she’s a wealth of knowledge and so encouraging! To get her book, “Peace Amidst the Mayhem”, visit her website or click her to get it on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Peace-amidst-Mayhem-Compassionate-Circumstance/dp/1733563415/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=peace+amidst+the+mayhem&qid=1622591811&sr=8-2 - you know you love that 2 day shipping! Lol! I’m so excited for you to learn from Marielle. Loving this podcast? Share the love by rating the podcast and writing a review on your Apple Podcasts app. That helps more mamas like you, find this podcast and spread God’s goodness to more lovely women. Thank you in advance! To connect with me after this, email me at 500secondstojoy@gmail.com and subscribe to the newsletter for monthly devotionals by going to bit.ly/monthlyhappymail - encouragement for your sweet mama heart. God bless you and your family! Here’s to more Jesus, more intention, more peace, and more joy!

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