22. Don't Stretch the Rainbow


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The guys are back (for now) with an all-new episode. This week on 6th and Jump, we're dealing with race riots in Lincoln High.

1:10- The guys talk about their battles with Youtube, FilmRise, and Trolls.

5:04- Rats

8:50- 6th and Jump fan mail.

15:54- The guys explain the cold open.

21:35- Black butts vs. White butts (Boy biscuits)

25:34- Seinfeld and Jump st.

30:50- Marty Seltzer t-shirt and stand up etiquette

36:20- A ginger in the woods.

37:42- The guys are FINE.

40:34- The Bill Burr story.

54:37- What men really want.

59:45- Whitey on the Moon.

1:04:38- Train? Or fire alarm

1:13:55- Never offend your audience, guys.

1:15:08- Roll Call, and Tommy Hanson definitely listens to Legion of Skanks

1:26:18- 1-800-collect? Who knows what they’re talking about.

1:35:14- “One Time” with Ari Shaffir.

1:37:16- Dan Soder’s open mic nightmares.

1:44:06- Take a day off school? Nah.

1:50:45- Suicide attempts bring everyone together.

1:56:36- The next episode is...

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