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National Geographic Magazine Volume 3, articles published in 1891 and 1892. South America: Annual Address by the President, Gardiner G. Hubbard Geography of the Land: Annual Report by Vice-President Herbert G. Ogden Geography of the Air: Annual Report by Vice-President A. W. Greely An Expedition to Mount St. Elias, Alaska Introduction. The Southern Coast of Alaska Part I. Previous Explorations in the St. Elias Region Part II. Narrative of the St. Elias Expedition of 1890 Part III. Sketch of the Geology of the St. Elias Region Part IV. Glaciers of the St. Elias Region Part V. Height and Position of Mount St. Elias Appendix A. Official Instructions governing the Expedition Appendix B. Report on topographic Work Appendix C. Report on auriferous Sands from Yakutat bay Appendix D. Report on fossil Plants The Cartography and Observations of Bering's First Voyage Height and Position of Mount St. Elias The Heart of Africa Report of Committee on Exploration in Alaska Notes: La Carte de France, dite de l'Etat Major Polar Regions The crossing of Tibet Statistics of Railways in United States

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