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Today we're launching a new podcast feed that might be useful to you and people you know.
It's called 'Effective Altruism: An Introduction', and it's a carefully chosen selection of ten episodes of this show, with various new intros and outros to guide folks through them.
Basically, as the number of episodes of this show has grown, it has become less and less practical to ask new subscribers to go back and listen through most of our archives.
So naturally new subscribers want to know... what should I listen to first? What episodes will help me make sense of effective altruist thinking and get the most out of new episodes?
We hope that 'Effective Altruism: An Introduction' will fill in that gap.
Across the ten episodes, we cover what effective altruism at its core really is, what folks who are tackling a number of well-known problem areas are up to and why, some more unusual and speculative problems, and how we and the rest of the team here try to think through difficult questions as clearly as possible.
Like 80,000 Hours itself, the selection leans towards a focus on longtermism, though other perspectives are covered as well.
Another gap it might fill is in helping you recommend the show to people, or suggest a way to learn more about effective altruist style thinking to people who are curious about it.
If someone in your life wants to get an understanding of what 80,000 Hours or effective altruism are all about, and prefers to listen to things rather than read, this is a great resource to direct them to.
You can find it by searching for effective altruism in your podcasting app, or by going to
We'd love to hear how you go listening to it yourself, or sharing it with others in your life. Get in touch by emailing

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