Alex Lawsen on his advice for students


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In this episode of 80k After Hours, Keiran Harris interviews 80,000 Hours advisor (and former high school teacher) Alex Lawsen about his advice for students.

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They cover:

  • When half-assing something is a good idea
  • When you should actually learn things vs. just trying to seem smart
  • Why you should shift your focus over the academic year
  • Novel tips for preparing for exams
  • What to do if you struggle with motivation
  • What to do when you have bad teachers
  • How students should think about exploring and experimenting
  • Bad approaches to learning
  • How to think about personal goals
  • When to start thinking about your career seriously
  • And more.

Who this episode is for:

  • Students, parents, and teachers
  • People who know a student, parent, or teacher
  • People with an interest in improving education

Who this episode isn’t for:

  • People with no interest in improving education
  • People who get mad when an 80,000 Hours podcast doesn’t feature Rob Wiblin

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Transcriptions: Katy Moore

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