Rob and Keiran on the philosophy of The 80,000 Hours Podcast


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In this episode of 80k After Hours, Rob Wiblin and Keiran Harris are interviewed by Kearney Capuano and ​​Aaron Bergman of the new podcast ‘All Good’ about what goes on behind-the-scenes at the 80,000 Hours Podcast.

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We cover:

  • The history and philosophy of The 80,000 Hours Podcast
  • The nuts and bolts of how we make the show
  • Rob’s bad habits as an interviewer
  • Topics we try to avoid
  • Critiques of the show
  • The pros and cons of podcasting vs. other mediums
  • Our position in the effective altruism community
  • Whether there’s an optimism bias in the EA community
  • Unifying themes of Rob and Keiran’s careers
  • Advice for other podcasters
  • And more

Who this episode is for:

  • Fans of The 80,000 Hours Podcast
  • New podcasters
  • Two 80,000 Hours employees who love the sound of their own voice

Who this episode isn’t for:

  • People who’ve never heard of The 80,000 Hours Podcast
  • People who only want to learn about more important topics
  • People who hate podcasts

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Producer: Keiran Harris
Audio mastering: Ben Cordell
Transcriptions: Katy Moore

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