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The New Episode of 80’s Glam Metalcast is a Tribute to the honor the great Eddie Van Halen. I am joined by a special co-host, Van Halen Enthusiast Jason Powles. During the podcast I speak to 8 Amazing 80’s Guitarists from all over the world. Some knew Eddie personally and others were fans and site him as an influence. 90 Minutes of new interviews and thoughts from Jason and myself. Interviews with: Kee Marcello (formerly of Europe and Easy Action) Marc Ferrari (Keel/Cold Sweat) Tracy G. (formerly of Dio) Ronni Le Tekro (TNT) Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister) Jay Pepper (Tigertailz) Steve Blaze (Lillian Axe) Mark Kendall (Great White) Links to reach all involved: Jason Powles @JasonPowles on Twitter Kee Marcello - https://m.facebook.com/keemarcello/ Marc Ferrari - https://m.facebook.com/marc.ferrari.146 Tracy G. - https://www.tracyg.com/ Ronni Le Tekro - https://m.facebook.com/RonniLeTekro/ New Song “Shut Up” - https://youtu.be/dBbsO5qewr8 Jay Jay French @jayjayfrench On Twitter Jay Pepper - http://www.tigertailz.co.uk/ Steve Blaze - https://m.facebook.com/lillianaxemusic/ Mark Kendal @MarkKendall_GW on Twitter 80’s Glam Metalcast is now on iHeart Radio! https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-80s-glam-metalcast-69194275/ Be sure to follow 80's Glam Metal on Twitter! @80sGlamMetal1 - https://twitter.com/80sglammetal1 Become a Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Metalheadbash?fan_landing=true Check us out on Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/7H6RLcR7VsCVOJwbSNNQ8z?si=Mquvqua2Qr6323SQ12gArQ Check us out on Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/80s-glam-metalcast/id149019510

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