Week 1 of Our Community Tapestry Project (BONUS EPISODE)


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I have this hope of documenting what we're collectively going through in our daily lives and how we're coping during this time as Storytellers at a global-scale. I record my conversation with each storyteller for 15 minutes every single day for 30 days.

Each Sunday evening over the course of these 30 days, I'm releasing a bonus weekend podcast episode that features a raw, uncut compilation of all conversations from that full week in hopes these diary-like audio entries bring you a sense of belonging. I imagine this to be a time capsule of our experiences, our stories, our hopes, fears, dreams, wishes, yearnings, real-time perspectives during a truly unparalleled time-- our concerted voices woven together into a digital tapestry.

We've been receiving an overwhelming amount of submissions to be a part of this and if you'd love your chance, head over here to submit your info: https://88cupsoftea.typeform.com/to/DB2voV



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