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#012 - Welcome back to 9 to 5 photographer, the podcast to help you get more shoots, make more money and spend more time doing the things you love and today’s episode is perfect if you’ve started your own photography business, maybe shooting weddings in the local golf club but you’d like to shoot at The Savoy or The Lanesborough or some of those other pretty sexy 5 star venues in London.
David Christopher isn’t just a wedding photographer, he does some corporate work too, but he’s going to talk in this episode about how to build a business, the importance of taking on staff and building a team, and some of the things he does when he’s not shooting for his clients.
This is one of those episodes where we just kinda talk and leave it on record. It’s great fun, David is such a nice bloke and he’s very open and honest about his business and his feelings too.
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