E95 90 Day Fiancé - OG - S8 E12 - About Last Night


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This week, we discuss:

90 Day Fiancé - OG S8 E12 – About Last Night

Natalie says she should slow down and ask for forgiveness. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH NATALIE?

We discover another something that Brandon is indifferent about.

Tarik solidifies his relationship with Hazel with the old standby of contacting the ex from their threesome. Just they did back in the day.

Rebecca learns about Ramadan from her 2nd Muslim partner.

Andrew contacts an immigration lawyer and weighs her advice against what he saw posted in a Reddit group.

Jovi knows as much about Mardi Gras as Rebecca knows about Ramadan.

Like in a real love story, a man travels cross country and over land a sea to get to the ex of his cousin for the prospect of rocking Stephanie's boat for the weekend.

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