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What a reunion this morning! Donny D's oldest friend, mentor, and the man who gave him his start, morning radio legend Monty "Mongoose" Gustetler joins us live in studio!

The gang takes a crazy trip down memory lane, diving into Mongoose and Donny's many incredible tales of wild remotes, rock blocks, concerts and more from all their years in radio!

Apologies to comedian Rory Scovel who was bumped from the show this morning to accommodate Mongoose's visit.

97.9 The Rat Race #25

Featuring: BEN ROY (Donny D), BETH HOYT (Tara), CHRIS MARRS (Animal) & RORY SCOVEL (Mongoose)

Written By: Chris Marrs

Audio Designed & Directed by: Evan Nix

Created by: Ben Roy & Chris Marrs

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