A Battle Within


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Welcome to A Battle Within!This is a podcast where Terry and Drew Niemann tell our stories and share the stories of our guests living with Traumatic Brain Injuries with an emphasis on Post Concussion Syndrome.We offer the trials, the challenges, the wins, and the lessons learned along the way. The conversations are real, raw and uncensored at times.We also explore what things are like for the caregivers, families and friends walking through this with the Warrior. We call these folks Battle Buddies.Through the podcast we aim to:1. Help others going through Post Concussion Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury develop a sense of community through the stories.2. Provide a greater sense of awareness with the "Invisible Injury". Living with a brain injury clearly indicated to us society has very little understanding.3. Get help ourselves!. We hope to learn by doing, and hopefully this will lead to further understanding.A Battle Within is a very intentional name. It comes from the fact that many with a Traumatic Brain Injury go through an ongoing private internal fight, a battle to find themselves again, or somebody new. Join us each week for the conversation wherever you listen!Connect with us at abattlewithin.com and on Facebook and on Instagram at A Battle Within.If you would like to be featured on the podcast , or know of someone you think should be, please reach out in those same places.You can also leave a voice message on the recorder on the home page of the website if that's your preference as well! Got any ideas for episode topics? Reach out with ideas too.If you like what you hear and want to support the program, the best way to do that is to rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcast Also be sure to check out the Battle Within swag shop at abattlewithin.com/swag***Please note that Terry and Drew are not medical professionals nor should their perspectives be taken as medical advice.***Keep Battling!

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