A Conscious Way Forward


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This is a podcast for the healers, leaders, learners, seekers, changemakers and dreamers. Your host David K Richards is on a mission to help individuals rise in consciousness and envision a new paradigm for healing, leading and learning. David gets to the heart of the matter with healing, reimagining leadership, and reinventing schools. He shares his conscious journey and transformation as a Founder & CEO, education reformer, life coach, and dad-preneur. You will see the big picture with him while also getting practical and easy-to-understand tips and strategies to change your life. David tells engaging and entertaining stories about life, leadership, his journey to reform education, parenting ups and downs, and how he healed from his traumatic childhood to achieve success. He also engages in deep conversations with others that have walked the intuitive path like him. If you are interested in coming home to your soul’s purpose, reimagining leadership, reinventing schools, and healing forward together this is the podcast for you.

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