I Tried Interviewing My Wife About Sex, Prenups, & Love | A Conversation With Linz DeFranco Ep. 34


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2:11 - Should I address my hands?
6:28 - Here’s another thing Phil doesn’t love about me…
9:01 - Our Sex Life…
15:17 - Being in a fair relationship
25:39 - Why do you think your work is more important than mine?
30:39 - Prenuptial agreement story…
35:54 - Who has more power in this relationship?
41:06 - Describe one experience you wish we would have in the future...
50:56 - How have your feelings for me changed?
1:04:51 - How would Phil change if he became a stay at home dad?
1:10:53 - Top 5 things Linz loves about Phil
1:15:44 - Where is the best place we’ve had sex?
1:18:00 - Who would struggle more if we broke up?
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