I Tried To Get Mia Khalifa to Open Up About Plastic Surgery, Controversy, New Marriage Struggles, & More


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3:29 - Demi Lovato Backlash
6:25 - Fantasy Football
10:20 - What do you feel is preventing you from becoming the person you want to be?
13:47 - Cease and Desist Story
17:20 - Ex-Boyfriend Convo
23:40 - BangBros Controversy
27:09 - What is your love language?
31:05 - What experience made you a better person?
38:13 - When Mia Started Watching The PDS
42:22 - Madison Beer Controversy
53:29 - Phil’s Mom COVID-19 Story
57:10 - What’s Holding Phil Back?
1:02:04 - If your husband killed someone, would you help him bury the body no questions asked?
1:09:02 - Where does your worth come from?
1:12:22 - Mia’s Current Marriage & Overcoming Her Past
1:15:19 - Is the world more sex positive now?
1:28:20 - Only 3 years left to live, what would you change?
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