Joe Bereta Reveals Truth About SourceFed, SMOSH, The Valleyfolk & More | Ep. 31 A Conversation With


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3:50 - Being a Creative AND a Manager
7:11 - Relationships and breakups when starting something big in your career
8:29 - Joe’s Wife’s health
11:00 - Operating in crisis management mode for 14 years
15:35 - MC Hammer at YouTube LIVE Story
20:01 - When was the last time “the need to be liked” affected you the most?
26:13 - What do you love about what you do?
29:20 - Joe can’t wait for the studies on how YT affected humans
40:49 - Joe & Elliott commenting on Phil’s “break” tweet
55:07 - Wild Joe story
1:01:31 - How would Phil have handled the sale SourceFed differently?
1:21:23 - What were Joe’s failings at SourceFed?
1:30:27 - DeFrancoDoes reflection
1:37:48 - Papa DeFranco advice
1:48:33 - Raising California kids
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