MatPat Reveals His First Kiss, Proudest Moment, Talks Launching Food Theory, & Loving Life...


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02:13 - YouTubers Partying in A Pandemic

03:50 - Business Consulting

09:36 - Food Theory Launch

12:16 - What’s a win for you?

17:56 - How would you describe your proudest moment?

19:42 - Phil Ireland Meetup/Live Shows

27:30 - When did you start actually caring about/understanding your audience? Different stages of YT.

36:26 - Who is your greatest teacher and why?

41:06 - If there was one thing people get wrong about you, what is it?

49:26 - MatPat thinks he had COVID-19 in November

56:14 - What drives Phil?

1:05:33 - Phil’s opinion on the media literacy problem, is Matt too fatalistic?

1:09:53 - What’s the biggest lesson you’re learning right now?

1:13:11 - How do you work with your spouse and not kill each other?

1:22:11 - Is there something from your theater background that helps you create now?

1:26:59 - What do MatPat's parents, do?

1:26:46 - MatPat’s First Kiss

1:37:15 - What’s something you loved as a child but no longer do?

1:43:13 - Do you love some games that other people hate?

1:46:57 - What are the three best qualities of a person in your life?

1:53:50 - Death bed, question - What allows you to go peacefully?



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