How Acupuncture Can Help with PCOS w/ Megan Joyce!


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Did you know acupuncture can stimulate the brain to release specific hormones related to regulating the menstrual cycle!

Lead acupuncturist, Megan Joyce, joins us on this episode to discuss the impact acupuncture can have on PCOS symptoms!

You'll learn how acupuncture can improve circulation, immunity, and can decrease pain responses!

Is there a specific treatment for those with PCOS? We discuss the treatment options available for women with PCOS and the direct benefits!

Megan was able to reverse her own infertility with PCOS & as a result has two children who are her pride and joy. She graduated summa cum Laude from Empreror's College of Oriental Medicine and received advanced training in gynecology and Internal Medicine at Zhejian University in China. She is a fellow of the American Board of Reproductive Medicine and has helped hundreds of individuals and couples to grow their families. She works closely with doulas, midwives, and OBGYN's to provide integrative prenatal and postpartum care. For more resources from Megan, check out her website ( & IG (@JoyceWellnessGroup)!

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