Exploring Idealization of Men In the Family, Featuring Cameka Alexander, Behavioral Counselor


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Cameka Alexander, a behavioral counselor and owner of Fasttell non-profit joins us today. She and I have a candid conversation about misogyny and how it show’s up in the relationship dynamics between fathers and their daughters. Ms. Cameka Alexander, a behavior counselor, offers her theory on why fathers “hate” their daughters and how this affects their safety and security throughout their lives. She and I also discuss the impact of how this has affected her personally through her own relationship with her family and her personal values. Lastly, she shares her thoughts about how giving a child what they want instead of teaching values, may cause more trauma and problematic behaviors down the road.

*Please note: Information provided on this episode are general suggestions and is not applicable to every situation or person. This episode may not be suitable for everyone, and the information provided should not be substituted for treatment with a licensed mental health practitioner. Some of the information discussed on the podcast can be sensitive in nature, therefore listener discretion is advised.

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