Parents Fight Back Against Woke Schools


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# 027 – A mom who survived Communist China is done with woke schools. And she tells the Loudon County School Board that CRT is evil.Plus, apple pie is canceled, China launches a “three child” policy, and Covid passports might be coming soon.

Links mentioned on today’s episode:

Mom who survived Mao's cultural revolution rips school for critical race theory

Black Mom Destroys Critical Race Theory

For a primer on Critical Race Theory, check out:

Cops Are Good and CRT is Evil - Episode 020 at

Additional articles and videos mentioned today:
Now they're trying to cancel apple pie by linking the dessert to 'genocide of indigenous people' and slavery - TheBlaze

China Launches Three Child Policy

Why a Three-Child Policy Doesn’t Actually Help the Chinese People

Show us your papers (As COVID numbers fall, the debate over vaccine passports continues)

Check out the book:

IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation

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