The Capitol Riot and Tech Tyrants Pounce


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#006 - Today I talk with Josh Raimundo about the Capitol riot. Josh is a freelance journalist with WORLD Magazine and was on the ground in DC when a huge mob attacked the House of Representatives on January 6th, 2020.
We discuss the events of the day and how conservatives should actually vent their grievances about election integrity or any other issue for that matter. Hint: It isn't by mobbing government buildings.
We also discuss how big tech was all too willing to use this event as an excuse to shut down our ability to speak our minds online. Plus, a chilling attack on one journalist by Congressman Eric Swalwell and how it could affect freedom of the press.
Want to read more about Josh Raimundo's experience when the House of Representatives was mobbed?
Read his article at WORLD Magazine's website!

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