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Wanna Support us via Patreon? https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2451012&ty=h&u=2451012 Wanna Sponsor us? Email tlsbrenttime@gmail.com Wanna Donate? https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=EJMNWRGP3VZ38&lc=US&item_name=Fallout%204%20The%20Death%20Clause&item_number=FTDC%20Donation¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted What is the Fallout: The Death Clause podcast(A Fallout 4 Podcast)? This podcast is a audio based show (currently) where our YouTube team talks about fallout games (mostly the upcoming fallout 4 game). We mainly see this podcast as a fallout 4 podcast, but we title it a just fallout podcast because there will be times when we discuss our experiences in other fallout games like fallout 1, 2, tactics, 3, or even New Vegas. If you love to listen to fallout podcasts then you can put this on, and explore the wasteland while you listen. We will be bringing you weekly shows where we first talk about our in game adventures, move to news, and then finally rap up with some funny commentary. We are a small team on this podcast, Brent, Tim, and London. Yet we are determined to bring you the greatest content we can weekly. This channel will be posting a ton of other "extra" content, but those will be by individual members of our crew for you to enjoy and or learn from. A Fallout 4 Podcast Do you cover (insert console here) on your fallout 4 podcast? Each member has different experiences in the fallout games, so you can expect some crazy stories from the wasteland for sure. Tim plans to get the xbox one version, London the ps4 version, and Brent the pc version. This means we will have all demographics covered for the people that want to have their voice heard on our podcast. We do plan to bring in online guests eventually, but that could be awhile; however if you are looking to collaborate with us then you can be on our fallout 4 podcast no problem. A Fallout 4 Podcast Where is your Fallout 4 podcast available? This podcast will soon be available in many different places as soon as Brent is not so damn lazy XD These places will include but not limited too - soundcloud, itunes, maybe iheart radio. On these other audio mediums you will find us by looking up the channel name (Fallout: The Death Clause) or Fallout 4 Podcast. A Fallout 4 Podcast There are other fallout 4 podcasts why should i listen to your fallout 4 podcast? 1. We are all great friends, so we have good backgrounds of each other and great group dynamic 2. Unlike most podcasts we will be in the same room which creates a better atmosphere for pod-casting in general 3. We plan to eventually do live shows for you guys if we are supported heavily to do so 4. We plan to answer every question possible always when you guys write in, so you guys are incorporated more into our fallout 4 podcast then in any other one 5. Brent sounds like Todd Howard!! XD 6. We are crazy great 7. we own the death Clause 8. there are three ones in vault 111 9. We are a fallout 4 podcast 10. well we are a great fallout 4 podcast 11. we are the fallout 4 podcast you should be watching right now, so click play and watch another. Hypno toad says so. 12. Fallout and fallout 4 stuff 13. News in podcast style 14. Commute killers 15. we ran out of reasons so.....fallout 4 podcast twitter - https://twitter.com/TheDeathClause *Follow this to be kept up to date with our content Fallout: The Death Clause Ep-2: fallout memories - A Fallout 4 Podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast Fallout 4 podcast

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