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In today’s episode, I get to speak with Emily Fife, otherwise known as the Kentucky Harpist, however, I prefer to just call her THE HARPIST. She is well-known in our community for providing her musical talent at weddings and events. She’s as classy as her harp and super knowledgeable about her craft. You may hear some background noise a few times, she’s a mother of three. And at several points during our conversation, she had a two-year-old crawling all over her, but she never missed a beat speaking to me about her passion for playing the harp. And I remembered how hard it is to have 20 minutes alone without your kids.
Emily is a premier harpist in the tri-state area. She has been playing the harp for 27 years and would love to play the harp for your wedding or special event. Emily holds a music degree and also a master's degree in public service administration from the University of Evansville. She loves what she does and will work to make your music perfect for your next event.

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