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Welcome everyone, I’m your host Saundra Hadley a wedding/event planner and mediaprenuer. This is the introduction to the podcast A Great Wedding Interview.

I am in Evansville, Indiana where I live and run my business of almost 18 years now, planning forever events. I’ve worked with so many great professionals in the industry, here locally, we have some of the best of the best. I’ve been on TV, an ABC affiliate morning show, hosting my own wedding segment since 2006 - helping people planning weddings with tips and interviews.

This is where I learned to love to listen to and understand people’s stories. Everyone has their own, some probably don’t think theirs necessarily unique or interesting, but I believe it is.

In the wedding industry, we are invited into a couple’s life and we learn so much about them. Weddings are an intimate business. So my podcast is to help engaged couples in the Tri-State area, Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, Southeast Illinois … I will help you get to know some of the best wedding pro’s you’ll ever meet, by interviewing them.

We’ll talk about personal life, why they started their business, what’s their philosophy and more. Interesting, short conversations that will help you select a wedding pro that is meant for you. When you own your own business, it’s like your baby. You grow it, love it, cultivate it, and then ask others to love it as well.


We live in a world where doing business means to be transparent. And for some people, I don’t know if they really know what that means. My goal is to help them. And for you dear listener, you’ll get to meet your next professional.

So let’s get started! Social media, please follow me on Instagram and on Facebook same name. If you would like to consider being interviewed OR you have someone that you think I should be talking to, send a message via social media or email at

I look forward to this journey and the fun we are going to have. Bye for now!

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