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I’ve got one cool dude for you to listen to today, Shane Senior owner and DJ for Senior Events. I don’t want to give too much away, and if you are considering hiring this company as your DJ for your celebration, you’re going to enjoy this peek into who he is and how he grew and continues to grow his company. We discuss all the things, like how tall he is, his process of delivering a professional DJ experience to his clients, R Kelly, hairless cats, and some fun real stories that have happened at weddings. AND a special announcement about his company which he broke the news HERE, saving it for my podcast. I’m not going to give it away.

Shane Seniour is the owner of Seniour Events & Seniour Booth Co., two of Southern Indiana's most sought-after wedding entertainment companies. His career in the wedding industry began in 2016 after his personal experience of getting engaged and diving into wedding planning.

Coming from a highly-skilled and technical DJ background, Shane was used to a high level of production & coordination in his former arena and became aware of the need for a top-notch, professional wedding DJ company in Southern Indiana. Since then, Shane began focusing all his efforts on building Seniour Events and has since expanded his reach in the wedding industry with Seniour Booth Co. When asked about his company's goal, Shane will notoriously say, "to redefine what a wedding DJ is."

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